God comes first.
18 years old.
Life is wonderful
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 Janelle Monáe sings Rock Steady with Kimbra.

Never knew she had such a nice body under those suits.

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I wish i actually wore the fashion taste i have

I wish I could afford the fashion taste I have

I wish I had the body for the fashion taste I have

all of the above

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"It is terrifying to think that one day you will trust somebody enough to let them see you naked. You will undress and remind them that you’ve stretch marks and birth marks and scars from having chicken pox when you were little and scars from all of the other things now. You will blush thousands of shades of red, painting yourself as a rose losing its petals. And that person – that person will take it all in. And I wonder if they will reassure you. But mostly, I wonder if they will even see anything worth reassuring you about. I hope they see each freckle on your back as if it’s a star and you are the whole universe to them."

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